Teeth Whitening

Our dental Studios in Borehamwood offer effective teeth whitening treatments that lighten your teeth by several shades, while causing minimum to no damage to your teeth. The leading teeth whitening brands such as Enlighten are offered by our clinic in both forms of in-clinic and home-kit. The duration of our treatments vary depending on the type of selected treatment, but the routine mild teeth bleaching will take less than one hour and offer instant results. For costs and offers on all our treatments, visit our offer page, and enjoy your dream smile.

Bleaching Acne

Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

  • Beautifies your smile
  • The Whiter the Teeth the more you smile giving you a friendlier face.
  • Whiter Teeth give you a greater level of self-confidence.
  • Whiter teeth convey a healthier lifestyle and the dental health of an individual.

Health Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

  • Enhances the life of teeth
  • Helps to keep the gum in good health
  • Prevents a number of dental problems from arising in the future

Our Teeth Whitening Procedure

The general status and health of your teeth and gum are first checked by our dentists, and the right procedure is chosen according to your needs. By applying a hydrogen peroxide gel, the pigment molecules and stains that cause the colour change in your teeth will be broken, which causes the whitening effect. Needless to say, the lighter the stains are the easier it is to whiten them. Most of our treatments are offered in both home-kit and in-clinic forms. However, for maximum effect, they may be used in combination, pending on the health of your teeth. All our in-clinic procedures are conducted by our dentists, who will work with you to select the most suitable treatment for you. The duration of your service will depend on the type and the degree of whiteness you desire. The home whitening kits offered in our centres are of leading brands, as we do not recommend the routine products due to lack of effectiveness and safety. The kits provided can be worn for 2 to 4 hours a day and for up to 8 consecutive days.

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