Cosmetic Dentistry

Offering a wide selection of advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures including veneers, dentures, crown and bridges, our practice is one of the leading dental clinics in Borehamwood. Common dental problems such as missing teeth are addressed by our experienced dentist, who will choose the most suitable and appropriate treatment with your help. We implement the most advanced dental equipment and procedures that offer effective treatments, while improving the general health of your gum and teeth.

The Advantages Of Our Services

  • Use of advanced and leading equipment and products
  • Effective procedures that offer outstanding results
  • Addressing all dental problems
  • Instant results with some of our new procedures
  • Free consultation session
  • Personalised procedure plan
  • Use of effective anaesthetics
  • Competitive prices with our exclusive offers

New procedures, better results

The new advancements in the field of dentistry have revolutionised the treatments, with the emergence of alternative approaches that offer more benefits with minimum discomfort and inconvenience. In addition, results can now be achieved in a much shorter time period in comparison to the traditional treatments. Our promise at Leeming Dental Clinic is to listen to your needs in the consultation session and provide you information on the treatment options appropriate to your dental concern. The selected treatment will be personalised and your dentist will develop your procedure plan.
If you are nervous of visiting the dentist and/or worried about painful treatments, you need not to worry. We have a wide range of anaesthetic treatments that will ensure your comfort throughout your experience with our personalised procedure plans.

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