Oral Surgery

Who is an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a specialist dentist who conducts surgical procedures on the oral cavity, and deals with treatment and diagnosis as well as surgical features of dental injuries and complications. Removal of wisdom teeth and impacted canines, implants and bone graft surgeries are a few examples of the common procedures performed by an oral surgeon, who will take both functional and cosmetic aspects into consideration. Our experienced surgeons are dedicated to performing premium treatments with exceptional and excellent results to you, solving your dental concern with long term solutions.

Oral Surgery

Although oral surgeons also perform routine procedures, however, they mostly perform procedures that are troublesome; and need more precision and expertise. Some of the common reasons for referral to an oral surgeon are as follows:

  • Troublesome wisdom teeth extractions
  • Surgical removal of abnormal growth from jaw, cheeks and lips
  • Surgical removal of broken roots that have remained in the jawbone
  • Surgical removal of Difficult teeth
  • Bone augmentation
  • Surgical operations on soft tissues such as biopsy

At Leeming Dental Clinic, we prioritise our patients’ safety and convenience. Thus, all the procedures listed above and more are referred to our experienced and professional specialist dentists. The most common type of procedure that is routinely performed by oral surgeons is the surgical removal of difficult teeth and the third mortar (wisdom teeth). We provide a free consultation session, for you to find out about your treatments options, and help you select the most appropriate procedure that will solve your dental concerns effectively.

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