Orthodontic Treatments

Our orthoclinics in Borehamwood offer leading procedures in straightening your teeth in order to improve appearance as well as function. The outcome of our procedures promise improved biting force, easier brushing and cleaning of mouth, and restored smile. The experienced orthodontist dentists in our centre are familiar with the latest advancements in the field of dentistry and especially orthodontic field, and will ensure the best results are achieved. All dental concerns such as crowded, shifted and/or gapped teeth are addressed with minimum level of discomfort, whilst improving your appearance.

A free consultation session is provided to all our customers to make your treatments personalised, address your issues more effectively and to achieve your desired individual goals. Our dentists will carefully listen to your goals and select the most suitable procedure to address your needs, with the help of advanced dental equipment. Our premium and excellent orthoclinic treatment procedures in borehamwood will ensure minimum chances of gum and mouth irritation and make use of a wide range of anaesthetics, including laughing gas.

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